Pilot Iroshizuku
Pilot Iroshizuku
Pilot Iroshizuku
Pilot Iroshizuku

Pilot Iroshizuku

Rs.200.00 - Rs.1,400.00
- Water-based - Flows smoothly and fast drying - Origin Japan - Ink Bottle - 50 ML
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Pilot Iroshizuku pen ink Imagine a world without colors and inks of different kinds We would be living in a dull environment without any elegance to make us going However, technology has been critical in beautifying the world through the production of colored inks One of the most special inks across the globe is Pilot Iroshizuku pen ink The ink is created with the highest standards and variations of color from plants and natural landscapes in Japan Due to its durability and elegant nature, the ink costs around ?1,400 00 Distinguishing Features - Colour It is one ink with uniqueness as it has a Ku-jaku color - Type The ink is water-based to enhance its flowing aspect - Viscosity The ink flows easily hence drying fast - Volume A bottle of Pilot Iroshizuku pen ink has a capacity of 50 ml - Brand Iroshizuku ink made from Japan - Availability The ink is relatively available at Ayush Papers - Weight Weighs approximately 0 350g hence portable - Category The ink is among the best fountain inks Major Concerns by Potential Clients - Is Pilot Iroshizuku ink waterproof? When a wet cotton swab is run over the Pilot Iroshizuku ink, distinct bleeding, a color smear, and feathering is noted until the swab uses its wetness This aspect indicates that the elegance of Iroshizuku ink is not waterproof - Is Pilot Ink Nontoxic? The Pilot Iroshizuku ink has a neutral PH hence not toxic in any way However, it is good to wash your hands in case of any spillage Avoid inhaling the ink directly - How effective is the ink? If you are thinking of increasing the value of your funds, think of Pilot Iroshizuku ink The ink has a unique color, and its water-based nature allows it to flow easily and dries faster The ink's quality speaks for itself for the last few decades; the ink has been dominating the market at large - How can you gain access to the Pilot Iroshizuku ink? The ink is currently available in Ayush papers We have also made some efforts to ensure that the ink is available at your nearest stores However, if you have some difficulties accessing it, make a point of contacting us, and we will be glad to deliver it to your premises in good time - Will the ink run on paper if it comes into contact with water? Over the years, I have been using the ink in a lab-made notebook with thick paper The book has been getting water on different occasions However, the ink has been maintaining its stability and did not bleed even for a moment - How many ounces are in the bottle? The ink is 50ml, and you can use it to feed several pens at a go It has good wetting properties, and I would highly recommend this ink The bottle has a rich design that guarantees its durability and safety In a nutshell, if you have been walking around looking for the best inks or your pens, stop the process Grab the pilot Iroshizuku ink and enjoy the value of your funds to the fullest
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